The Hotel Platinum is famous for its breakfast, homemade cakes, yoghurt and cakes is prepared every morning by the cooks of the family.
For those who love sweet breakfast, this place is perfect because here it is possible to taste fresh and genuine products, prepared with care and love.
The traditional clientele that loves a savory breakfast will not be deceived. Cold meats and cheeses, eggs and warm bread as freshly baked, are the masters, the tour of the buffet.

The restaurant

The restaurant of the Hotel Platinum offers both lunch and dinner with the families after some time by the sea or a busy day in one of the water parks of the Riviera, they want to relax in front of a good plate of pasta. The specialities of the romagna region, such as the passatelli, which are still made by hand and served during the evening romagna, are accompanied by a buffet of starters and side dishes.

Both lunch and dinner you can choose between different types of menu, and those intolerant to gluten or a vegetarian, you can be sure to find the Hotel Platinum dishes suitable to them. The selection of the raw materials, the care and attention with which we prepare the dishes, not to mention the decorations, are the details that you do not forget easily.

Children's menu and flexible hours

Families with small children can count on theelasticity of the hours of the kitchen. Moms and dads can prepare the meals for the hotel's younger guests have a children's menu more grown-up, cutlery, dishes and high chairs are colored to make you feel at ease.

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