The Hotel Platinum Torre Pedrera is a hotel perfect for families for its services, the location and for the type of restaurant that is located inside. The Platinum is just a few steps from the sea of Torre Pedrera, to approximately 10 meters, and it is for this reason that many families prefer to stay here for location, for the sea nearby, but not only.

Bedtime and naps

Some of the rooms of Hotel Platinum are family, so they are larger, have the chance to have cribs for the younger guests or to have one or two beds to be placed next to that of parents to relax and feel all the more secure. To the rooms you get thanks to the convenient elevator that you can move up to each floor, carrying not only bags, but facilitating the travel of family.

Jelly Time

The breakfast room and the Hotel's dining Platinum supports the family vacation. Highchairs for younger guests who cannot sit independently, special menu, the dishes are nutritious and tasty for children who prefer to eat new things, and never dull. The dishes and cutlery are colorful and the times for families with children, are flexible. Finally, families with very young children, can count on a service of preparation jelly is a standalone, so as not to have to submit to the hours of the kitchen, organizing by itself.

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